About TerraEx Group

TerraEx Group, LLC is a new venture launching a novel and unique business model for Geoscience training, coaching and consulting in the Energy industry. This model was developed by the owner Catalina Luneburg, who has over 20 yrs of academic and industry experience as a research scientist, manager, geomodeler and instructor, learning about the companies’ challenges and needs upfront. 

TerraEX Group Business Model

About Catalina Luneburg
Structural Geologist with extensive academic and industry experience

Product Manager for framework building and structural modeling software (DecisionSpace, LithoTect)

Senior Scientist for Unconventional Reservoir Technologies (fracture prediction)

Consultant for Structural Analysis, Balancing and Restoration, and Modeling workflows

Holder of several patents for improving accuracy of volumetric calculations

Course Director for Petroskills Courses, e.g. Extensional HC Traps

Instructor for LithoTect Software and Structural Geology topics

Academic researcher and university professor

Publication track record of 2 books and  over 50 publications

TerraEX Group Business Model

At TerraEx Group, services are client-driven and consist of onsite/online training, coaching and consulting blocks that can be designed and combined to exactly fit company-specific needs.  This lean and flexible services model is most time-efficient and cost-saving as clients pick and choose content, time frame and delivery to optimize their operations. 

The Colorado-based company functions as an association of Geoscience experts, who provide instruction, client support, and consulting services in their areas of expertise. All experts are highly recognized in their respective fields and have vast experience in various training, consulting and software-related endeavors.

Currently, the company has 17 experts in different subject matter domains focusing on Structural Geology/Tectonics, Salt Tectonics, Sedimentology/Stratigraphy, Fault Seal, Fractures, Geomechanics, Seismic Interpretation, Petrophysics, Geostatistics/Geomodeling and others. Services cover current industry challenges from salt-dominated basins and complex extensional or compressional scenarios to reservoir characterization and unconventional reservoirs. 

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