Foundation Training

Comprehensive online and onsite training program introducing upstream Oil&Gas workflows –

suited for early career professionals as an overview of the subject matter topics and practical methods that form the foundation of HC exploration. 

Participants are introduced to the structural styles and geometries of different tectonic scenarios, their seismic expressions, interpretation and mapping techniques as well as the architecture of traps, their seals, HC charge and migration.
The training specifically addresses the challenges of interpreting seismic and well log data and creating accurate and geologically valid subsurface maps and models while assessing HC potential and risk.
The Unconventional block introduces, geomechanics, micro-seismicity and fracture concepts as well as shale plays, rock- and reservoir properties

“Introduction to Hydrocarbon Exploration”

The training content covers topics, methods and workflows divided into three or four training blocks following common (play-based) exploration workflows:

1. Basin-scale petroleum system evaluation.
2. Play/fairway analysis.
3. Prospect maturation.
4. Optional: Unconventional workflows

Foundation Training Blocks

The Geoscience foundation training program covers key elements of the petroleum system in a sequence of basic level subject matter topics, methods and workflows as represented in the map below.

The goal is to introduce the underlying concepts and current methods relevant to the various workflows of HC exploration. While the program provides a foundation e.g. for early career professional, topics can be deepened in additional advanced training courses.


  • The three to four training blocks can be taken in the clients own time frame
  • The course structure follows the TerraEx Group modular format.
  • Modules can be exchanged to some degree with other catalog modules
  • Specific case studies, client data and/or exercises can be integrated per agreement