Our Services Model

  • ONSITE ½ day modules and ONLINE 2 hour nuggets that can be combined into a course of desired length
  • Catalog of modules and nuggets covering basic and advanced level topics, case studies, regional analyses and software applications.
  • Field workshops on specific topics 
  • Content creation upon request, where clients can design new modules and nuggets.
  • Training on client’s own data and challenges as well as onsite or remote project coaching
  • Consulting services run entirely by the experts applying standard as well as innovative industry workflows

The business offers customized training, coaching and consulting services that clients can tailor to their specific needs, time and financial constraints.

Our Services Plan

We design a services plan tailored to YOUR specific data and challenges

you design and configure YOUR own plan from our modular services


Services tailored to client needs

Example 1 – Project mainly internal                                    Project coaching and onsite/online training so client can learn on the job and become the expert

Example 2 – Project mainly external                                               Consulting project with some amount of client online training and Help-on-the-Go to work with the results

Our Course Format

The flexible services model allows to combine onsite with online Training and pre- or post training Coaching or Help-on-the-Go for an optimized customized learning experience

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