Coaching and Support

Our experts will support you in your day-to-day operations, projects and workflows.

We coach you through a project and help you make valid interpretations and geomodels or design data-specific workflows. We  also provide focused training using your own data and challenges so you can gain specific knowledge to progress your current work. For quick answers to questions or any advice we provide adhoc remote support. 

Direct client support is available in a variety of formats.

Client Data Training

Get training using your own data and challenges.

Our experts will teach concepts on your own data and focus on your specific problems and regional geological scenarios. We can adjust modules and nuggets from our catalog or create new ones that fit your scenarios. 

Project Coaching

Manage and deliver your projects with our help. 

Our experts coach you through projects and help you design workflows, provide background information on specific topics related to your project and mentor you in your geomodeling workflows.


Have questions or need quick advice?

Our experts are available for Help-on-the-Go support by answering adhoc questions via phone, email or screensharing related to your ongoing project or any topic within the offered domains.

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