Expert Consulting

Consulting Services are available for a variety of structural analyses and modeling workflows in exploration or production settings.
Experts have combined experience in a range of structural settings worldwide, such as fold and thrust belts, extensional and salt-dominated settings, strike-slip deformation, and unconventional/ fractured reservoirs as well as in a range of subject matter domains from Structural Geology/Tectonics to Structural Restorations and Modeling, Salt Tectonics, Seal Evaluation, Fracture Analysis, Geomechanics, Seismic Interpretation, and Petrophysics.


Consulting Services Examples

Our experts provide a wide range and high level of expertise and experience in Geoscience consulting and will deliver focused solutions for your specific challenges. 

Some examples of  interpretation and modeling workflows and techniques used in consulting projects: 

  • Subsurface interpretation and validation
  • Complex geological structural analysis
  • Geometrically balanced 2D and 3D models
  • Structural restorations and forward models
  • Time-step restorations and Backstripping
  • Burial history modeling
  • Salt-related analysis and restorations
  • Analysis of curvature, dip and strain distributions
  • Fracture analysis and fracture prediction
  • Fault sealing characteristics
  • Field Mapping and structural analysis
  • Hydrocarbon migration pathways and accumulation zones
  • Structural and geomechanical borehole image interpretation 
  • Fractured core logging and analysis. 
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Structural outcrop analog studies, and natural fracture systems. 
  • Petrophysics for Unconventionals

Research Studies

Consulting services are also available as regional studies. Our experts will deliver  regional geological studies of your area including literature synthesis, structural analyses, field studies and a detailed report. 

Some of the areas of expertise include among many others: 

  • Gulf of Mexico 
  • Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt
  • North Sea
  • Somalia
  • Niger Delta
  • East Africa Offshore
  • Appalachian and Alberta fold-&-thrust belt
  • Rocky Mountains
    Basin and Range
  • Marcellus Play
  • Niobrara Play
  • Denver Basin
  • Powder River Basin

……and many other regions

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