Novel and unique services model

The TerraEx Group business model is based on a-la-carte modular training, coaching and consulting
that clients can design and tailor to fit their specific needs.
This highly flexible approach provides convenient and competitive knowledge transfer services
optimized for current challenges in the Energy industry.
The group operates as an association of industry-leading Geoscience experts, 
who provide top-quality subject matter expertise in various Geoscience domains.

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Benefit Statements

  • Design your own services plan and learning experience
  • Customize services to exactly fit your data and challenges
  • Learn through blended and efficient teaching techniques
  • Choose topics from our catalog or request new ones
  • Let us help you deliver top quality projects on time
  • Get adhoc help from our renown subject matter experts
  • Get coaching on your project and become the expert
  • Adjust onsite and online training to your own schedule

Our Services

Services include training onsite, online or in the field, direct client support and consulting


Choose and combine 1/2 day training modules from the catalog OR design your own content for ONSITE instruction

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Choose and combine 2 hr training nuggets from the catalog OR design your own content for ONLINE instruction

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Get adhoc Help-on-the-Go or project coaching and training on your data from our subject matter experts

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Choose topic-focused field trips OR design your own FIELD workshop. Catalog coming.

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Get full project delivery including software modeling OR request research on specific regions or topics. 

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“We offer services in Spanish”

Talk to our Spanish-speaking team members to find out how!


Our Solutions

Our Disciplines

Our Team

Catalina Luneburg, PhD


Jim Granath, PhD
Associated Expert


Bob Ratliff, PhD
Associated Expert


Mark Rowan, PhD
Associated Expert


Steve Boyer

Steve Boyer, PhD
Associated Expert


Al Lacazette, PhD
Associated Expert


Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, PhD
Associated Expert


Amy Fox, PhD
Associated Expert


Margaret Lessenger, PhD
Associated Expert


John Karlo, PhD
Associated Expert


David Garner, MSc
Associated Expert


Ursula Hammes, PhD
Associated Expert


Tanya Inks, MsC
Associated Expert


Afshin Fathi, PhD
Associated Expert


Katie Joe MacDonough, PhD
Associated Expert


Peter Flaig, PhD
Associated Expert


Alexei Milkov, PhD
Associated Expert


Tim Buddin, PhD
Associated Expert


Eric Scott, PhD
Associated Expert


Farrukh Ahmad, PhD
Associated Expert


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“The flexible and focused services of TerraEx Group are exactly what our industry needs right now”
Hermann Lebit, PGS

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