Unconventional Workshops

Public workshops on unconventional topics in Denver, CO

  • #1 “Introduction to Geomechanics Theory and Application” Amy Fox 

    7-8 April 2020

    This 2-day workshops will introduce basic elements of geomechanics, data types and workflows to build a geomechanical model, which can then be applied to exploration, drilling, completions and full field development. It will also introduce geomechanical risks associated with oil and gas activity such as subsidence and induced seismicity.  


  •   #2 “Fractured, Fracturing, and Fracked Reservoirs” Sherilyn Williams-Stroud   

    21-22 October 2020

    This 2-day workshop will cover all aspects of structural analysis related to natural fracture development, induced and reactivated fracturing from hydraulic fracture stimulation, and how the states of stress in the earth impact all types of fracturing. Models of the relationships of natural seismicity to faults and induced microseismicity to reservoir fractures will be presented, with a brief review of focal mechanism solutions and orientation analysis. 


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